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The new Body by Jake Tower 200 is pretty solidly constructed. It is a resistance band training that has been designed to be placed onto any standard door. It provides resistance of 200 pounds and has 200 different types of workouts. Its steel frame easily attaches to the door and comes to you pre-assembled. The resistance bands exercise the entire body, including the arms, abs, shoulders, chest, legs and more.

There are three bands that are color coded on each side; each with its own resistance level. Red: 40 pounds, black: 35 pounds, gray: 25. The two hand grips included can be connected to any cord or multiple of cords for more resistance. These grips can be attached at the top of the device for pull down exercises or attached at the bottom for press movements. It also comes with a pair of ankle straps that can be attached in the same manner as the grips. A DVD as well as exercise charts is included to provide you with workout plans and examples.

The most important feature Randy Couture’s Workout Machine is the multitude of exercises that can be performed with it. Once you have completed presses, pulls down or 21s, you will quickly feel it working and appreciate its quality. The major selling point is the convenience and simplicity of the Tower 200. This is because all the exercises that you want to do can all be done on one piece of equipment.

Within just a few seconds, the Tower 200 can be lifted and placed into any door of a home, office or dorm. Unlike other devices for the door, this has padding so it does not do damage to the door. It attaches to the door by hooking its top piece to the top of the door and hooking its bottom piece underneath the door. It is so easy to install that anyone can do it. Assembly is not needed because everything comes already together.

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